Life after Art School

Spilt Noodles- Studio breakdown after dropping my £1 noodles and not having enough money to buy more.

A juggle of money and motivation

It has been 6 months since I removed my degree show. I found myself moving into a new phase of post-art school identity crisis. Deadlines and opportunities come down to your own dedication. Having £0.10 left in your overdraft can sway you away from creating. 

The physical act of making is not hard but, the continuation of making, without money, without solid opportunities, is difficult. Artists are some of the hardest working people I know. We juggle part time jobs and try to find spare time to create. Every spare penny goes into paint and canvas. Sometimes slight problems throw me off for weeks. You question whether all the tears and money is worthwhile. You aren’t considered original enough, experienced enough or even old enough. With the uprise in social media you discover artists from all over the world that are working in similar styles and themes. It makes you doubt yourself. That has been the thing that I have worked on most since leaving art school. The realisation that nobody is unique and to an extent no art is 100% original. You will face a lot of rejection and you just have to keep going. 

How do I keep going? I’m inspired by my peers. The camaraderie of cheering everyone along and supporting exhibitions. I have realised why I do this. It’s not because I want money or people to know who I am. It’s because I have undying love for art. Just getting to paint and do what I love makes it all worth it. My advice to anyone considering pursuing the arts is you have to be prepared to work hard. People will tell you to give it up, and you will struggle for money. However when you see something you’ve invested so much time and energy on hanging in a gallery it is incomparable.

Moving and shifting.
Cost efficient transportation. 

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