Reading List: January 2019

I’ve been working a lot this month at my part-time job so I did not read as much as I would have liked. I’m keeping very much within my existential writers so there is not much variation. Sartre is forming a solid basis for my current paintings but I am loving the work of Kafka and Hesse as well. Let me know if you have read any, I love talking books.

  1. Albert Camus- The Plague- 1947-Fictio
  2. Franz Kafka- The Trial- 1925- Fiction
  3. Albert Camus- The Outsider/Stranger- 1942- Fiction
  4. Jean-Paul Sartre- The Words- 1963- Auto-biography
  5. Milan Kundera- Immortality- 1988- Fiction
  6. Jacques Ranciere- The Politics of Aesthetics- 2000- Non-Fiction
  7. Franz Kafka- Metamorphosis and Other Stories-Collection of Short Stories
  8. Sylvia Plath- Crossing the Water- 1971- Poetry
  9. Hermann Hesse- Steppenwolf- 1927- Fiction/Autobiographical
  10. Stephane Mallarme- The Poems- 1977-Poetry
  11. Hermann Hesse- The Prodigy- 1906- Fiction/Autobiographical
  12. Samuel Beckett- The Expelled and Other Novellas- 1954-1979- Collection of Novellas
  13. Samuel Beckett- Waiting for Godot- 19539 Play
  14. Jack Kerouac- Lonesome Traveller- 1960- Short Stories/Autobiographical

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